About Me

So few of us are able to have a job we are passionate about, and I can truly say that I love what I do. I've always been, "the girl with the camera" since I first received a point-and-shoot Olympus around the age of 12. While my gear and skills have progressed over the years, my passion for photography and for the lives I capture remains the same. 

I've been fortunate to capture weddings, families, corporate and private events and more during the time since I started my business officially in 2015. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you document the journey of your life!

I think we would get along wonderfully!

My Favourites...

  • Coffee shop: Calories on Broadway in Saskatoon or Clearcut Coffeehouse in Martensville
  • Best place to take pictures in Saskatoon: Oooh hard one. I love trying to find something unique, but you can never go wrong with the beautiful Boffins Gardens
  • Movie: Back to the Future
  • TV Show: The Big Bang Theory or Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Colour: A deep, rich purple
  • Ice cream: Haggen Dazs - Java Chip! If you find it anywhere LET ME KNOW! I haven't had it in so long
  • Best Saskatoon Restaurant: I love going to Pink Cadillacs Diner because it's such a unique setting!
  • Kid: HEY! Parents don't have favourites... right?
  • Most Wanting to Visit: Scotland! I'm Scottish, Irish, English, and French... that I know of. I'm completely fascinated by Scottish history though and would love to visit - and of course go see all the Castles I possibly could.
  • Hobby: Collecting other hobbies. So far on the list I've tried: Kayaking, Archery, Painting (acrylics are my favourite), Gardening, Swimming, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Babywearing, Woodworking, and Sewing.
A family picture taken at golden hour with two girls, a dad and mom all smiling and hugging each other
A woman kneels down to pet a husky while carrying her youngest child in a baby wrap on her back.

“Rachel captures your special moments like you wouldn't believe. Her eye for details in every photo makes being in front of the camera a breeze!! She is so easygoing, happy, and professional that I wouldn't suggest looking anywhere else."”

A few fun facts about me...

  • I have loved horses as long as I can remember - and at one point my mother told me if I gave up all my cats (I had 9 - whoops!) she would think about getting me a horse. She never did. It's probably a good thing, too... as I found out in my early twenties that I am deathly allergic to them. Horse camp in high school was roooouuuugh. That being said, I'll still photograph them - just can't touch them and need to be told in advance so I can load up on antihistamines.
  • I've watched all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Star Wars movies. In fact, I have so many fandoms I don't even know where I belong. #allthethings
  • In the summer, my favourite thing to do is head out to the lake and go Kayaking while the sun sets.
  • After I fell and broke my tailbone in the winter of 2013 (OUCH!) I went for x-rays and discovered I also have arthritis in my neck.
  • I almost pursued a career in Environmental Engineering.
  • I also almost pursued a career in Law.
  • After my oldest daughter was born I tried Babywearing. I couldn't figure it out, but when my younger daughter came along I decided to give it another go and now have a large knowledge base and passion surrounding it - so ask away!
  • I grew up as an only child, but do have half siblings that are much older than I am.
  • Art, English, and Drafting were my favourite classes in school.
  • We have a pet Husky named Kita that we adopted from the Saskatoon SPCA. She's adorable!